Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 VISION: A look back, a look forward!

Any original Blade Runner fans out there? Like us, did you need a moment to compose yourselves when, back in November, the memes started circulating pointing out that November 2019 marked the exact month that Ridley Scott’s 1982 science-fiction classic was set in?

The future is here. Where are our flying cars!? We were promised flying cars! 

While we aren't really New Year's resolution kind of people, this time of year with its depth of darkness and turn towards the coming light does seem like as good a time as any to reflect and to tune our sights into the next year. 

Petwerks did some pretty amazing things in 2019! 

  • In September, we moved to a model of free shipping within the continental United States for orders over $49. This was in direct response to customer feedback.
  • Through the year, we fine-tuned our product offerings, returning to a focus on what we produce for unique value and those specialty, hard to find items for pet rabbits.

    Keep in mind, we've been doing this since 1996! The Internet was but a baby, house rabbits were a rare and exotic thing, and supplies for their care were not available. We grew from making only our Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condos in a tiny home shop to moving to a bigger shop configuration, to offering a complete line of hundreds of products for house rabbits. This proved a good move, offering selection and convenience to the customer they couldn't find anywhere else.

    Thankfully, rabbits became more common, and the availability of products became more widespread. Many people can now go to the local pet store and purchase their hay; they don't want or need to have it shipped. In response to this cultural and market change, we've reduced our own footprint by shifting back to focusing on the production and sale of our own designs and other unique products.
  • Petwerks continued to locate projects and organizations to support, sometimes as bannered sponsors, other times as quiet support behind the scenes. 

We ARE bunny people, doing work FOR bunnies and their people. Here's to making the most of 2020! 

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