Friday, November 20, 2015

Hanging with the Rabbit Advocates at Bunny-Palooza.

Fall is busy and time is whizzing by; I've been wanting to report on our wonderful time with Rabbit Advocates at their event, Bunny-Palooza, on November 7th! We attended as a vendor, although we've been acquainted with Rabbit Advocates since before moving to Oregon over ten years ago. (Mary Huey and I corresponded for some time before we moved west from Indiana.)

We live in Salem, Oregon, just about an hour south of Portland, and our workshop/warehouse/office is about 7 miles away from home in Turner, Oregon. So we were up early in the morning in order to get to the event location west of Portland. Two hours of time to set up sounded like a lot, but between unloading, assembling, catching up with people, meeting new people and all that -- it was over before we knew it, and the whole room was set up with vendors, educational booths, and of course adoptable rabbits.

Our multi-booth setup! A Double Level Bunny Abode, another Double with Cabinet, and a Playland setup! 

We had fun little free gift bags to give out, filled with information and a free toy. Scot and I worked the crowd -- we were booth babes! :) As an extrovert, this was fun and easy for me*. I mean... I get to chat with bunny people, and give them free stuff! Cool!

Ultimate Playland pieces and accessories!
Volunteers at Rabbit Advocates mentioned they hadn't hosted a large event like this in a few years, and a bit nervous, as you always are, before things kick off. You've done all this hard work... will they come? I know that fear!

Their hard work and great organization DID pay off, however. As soon as the event started at 10am, a stream of visitors steadily built, and stayed consistent through the day. The event lasted six hours, and over the course of the event we shared stories, met long time customers in person for the first time, shared our products and our story with a lot of new friends, and just enjoyed the rare chance to be surrounded by bunny people. Someone said, "It's just so NICE to be around so many bunny people at one time." And it is -- a whole building full of people that get it.

Even got some hugs. Always up for the free hugs! :)

We gave out over 170 freebie bags, plus lots of stickers, bookmarks, pencils, and the last of our temporary tattoos. (Those were fun!)

Riding in style.
Some people with very outgoing buns brought their friends with them to peruse the vendors, or get a well-bun checkup or a nail trim. (And a few were there to meet possible new friends for adoption, too.) Buns were in strollers, carried in baby slings, hanging out in arms, or chilling out in carriers. Buns big, buns small, and everything in between!

Rabbit Advocates should be very proud of the great work their volunteers and leadership performed. The event was well organized, well attended, and definitely something you should put on your calendar if you're in the area next time.

Our parking lot. (Ok, it's only three spaces.)
We have the BEST customers! We spent some time chatting with long time customers who usually drop by our Turner, Oregon warehouse location to pick up orders. They presented Scot with a little gift -- and it's being put to good use.  (See the cute little "Reserved Parking" sign!? So cute!)

Thank you to Rabbit Advocates and their hard working volunteers for putting on such a great event, and to all those who attended!

* Even as an extrovert, after six hours, I was completely spent. The next day, I needed some space, quite and calm!

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