Friday, April 3, 2015

Let's Get a Rabbit for Easter!

Take it from a gal and a guy who have loved rabbits since Dinkum joined our family in 1992. Bunnies are smart, loving, quirky little creatures full of joy.

BUT... they are also a helluva lot of work! It seems like a lot of people don't consider this, because estimates state that 80% of rabbits purchased as pets around Easter do not end up staying in their new homes.

80%. Wow. Does that shock you? It did me!

They are not like a cat, not like a dog... they are unique. They are like rabbits! More quiet and gentle than most companion animals, they have needs for soclization, surgery to spay/neuter, routine veterinary care, food, hay, care items, and proper indoor housing. In short: a lot of time AND money. They require YOUR time as their primary companion. A pair of rabbits still need your intensive attention to help shape behaviors and of course clean. The cleaning. Fur, hay, poops... lots of cleaning.

Still think you want a rabbit? Check out this cute and quick list of Whys? and Why Nots?

An animal in a household affects everyone. If you and your family have done your research (check out!), talked and agree that sharing your home with a rabbit is something you are willing to commit to, then any time of the years is the perfect time to seek out your local animal shelter or rabbit rescue and give a bunny a home.

But please, don't buy rabbits from pet stores (here's why). And make the decision as a family, with the understanding that as the adult, it will eventually all fall onto you. While a child can certainly participate in the care of a companion animal, they can't earn the money needed, nor drive the animal to the vet -- and let's be honest: most kids tire of the care of an animal quickly, especially when young. Chances are, that animal you obtained for your child will end up YOUR responsibility 100%. As long as that idea excites you, that's great!

If you are ready for a rabbit, locate a shelter or rescue near you and meet some rabbits! But if you're just looking for a gift for Easter, please, please, please, buy a nice, soft plush toy rabbit, or a big yummy chocolate Easter bunny instead! It'll be better for you, and better for the rabbit!

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