Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sometimes, it's the simple little things... like the Petwerks Hay Loft.

Bunnies love hay. Bunnies love chewing on boxes. But a hay filled box? That's just heaven! 

Years ago, Petwerks developed the Hay Loft. Simple, adorable, inexpensive... it's the perfect way to provide your bun with something to explore, something to chew, AND encouragement to get healthy fiber while they are at it. 

Not to mention, it can help contain some of the hay mess. Sometimes. We all know a bun who will do everything in their power to create the biggest mess possible. Period. 

But, it's not just for buns! Craig shared with us photos of his guinea pig, Brioche, who just loves this "portable hay station." 

Brioche is so handsome! Now you see him... 

And now you don't! :-) 

Many thanks to Craig for being an awesome customer, and being kind enough to share his kudos for us, and his adorable little Brioche! 

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