Monday, February 10, 2014

We're back... mostly. :-)

After enjoying a beautiful weekend with a foot of snow, we're back in the shop and working hard. (While we are from the midwest and this doesn't phase us, this area is not used to this kind of snow, and it frankly shuts things down!) As quickly as the snow came, it's warming up to almost 50 degrees today, has been raining for the past day, and the snow is quickly on the retreat.

We are working hard to overcome the recent bouts of illness; Scot's been in the shop by himself now for almost two weeks as our shop employee has been out.

Here's a little clip from one of our security cameras showing us arriving this morning. We've got a little assistant with us today. ;-) He loves the bunnies, loves running up the stairs to the storage loft, and loves lying on the desk beside me as I work! But now, it's off into the shop to do some woodworking for us as we have lots of condos to deliver! We have a whole load of poplar that was delivered last week that we need to process into condo parts. It's going to be a long day!

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