Thursday, February 6, 2014

Petwerks closed Friday due to winter weather!

Old Jack Frost has been blowing here in the Willamette Valley! Oregon is getting a little winter storm, and as a result everything has essentially ground to a halt. For everyone's safety, we're going to close tomorrow. (Our general rule is if the area schools are closed, so are we.) Schools were closed today in anticipation of this storm, but we were working hard at the shop until about mid-afternoon when Scot felt it best to come home for safety.

We're having a very nice winter season here, keeping busy. Some supply shortages and other events do have us running a bit behind on condo orders; orders may take approximately one week to ship. We appreciate your patience, and we know you will be pleased with your choice of housing for your rabbit, even with just a teensy bit of wait. You're buying the best, and you know it's worth it!

Scot and I will likely head back into the shop this weekend to do some catch up, and we'll keep you up to date!

Rare Snowstorm Hammers Western Oregon

Now, we hail from the midwest (Indiana), and Scot was born in upstate New York, where they really know snow. But it's a different game when the areas don't often see snow, and as a result aren't equipped to handle it. It's no joke that just a few inches of snow can shut this entire area down. Quite a different story in somewhere that can take a foot or two of snow and not even close a school. ;-)

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