Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New ad in Rabbits USA 2014 dubbed "Our best ever!"

Since 1996, Petwerks has been a successful small family business operating mainly on word of mouth on our good reputation. I'll admit it -- we're bad at marketing! We believe in making a quality product, carrying only the BEST items for your rabbit, and believing that others will notice that and reward such sustainable, ethical business practices. That's been the case for... (doing the math)... almost 18 years.

One of my goals this years is to be a little better at marketing. That, too, is guided by our goals of being sustainable, ethical and responsible. There's a lot of marketing out there that is just plain annoying! LOL. For years we have purchased ad space in Rabbits Annual magazine. (We have sold out of the 2013 issue; be on the lookout for the new 2014 issue to hit our website soon!) I design our ads, and through the years they've grown, changed, improved... just like every other element of our business.

Designing materials is one of my favorite tasks; the resulting tangible item is a joy to see. We received our preview issue of Rabbits Annual 2014, and Scot says our ad in this one is, "The best we've ever done!" That compliment made my day. It was also a relief; ad space in this nationwide publication comes with quite a price tag, so it better be good or I'm in trouble!

I won't bore you with almost 18 years of ads (but I'm thinking of doing a photo gallery as part of the new and improved "About Us" portion of the web site) but here's a walk down the past three years of ads. Aren't they neat!?
Here's 2012...
And 2013, which is my fav, really...
And here's 2014!
The goal for this ad was to be eye catching and focus more on the relationship between rabbits and their people -- because that is at the foundation of everything we do. THAT is what is important. Everything else is just details that supports that! :-)

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