Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rabbit Haven Donates Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo to the Antioch Shelter

One reason we've been serving house rabbit people for over 17 years is how awesome they are. Read this story, posted on Facebook by The Rabbit Haven.

"The Antioch shelter is a high impact shelter with extremely limited funds for supplies. In July, two of their community volunteers from CCRR notified the Haven of the plight of Antioch rabbits at this shelter. Housing was a serious concern. They needed housing secured for 11 rabbits and they had only old wire bottom or very small plastic cages that would barely fit a rabbit. Small cages were often set up on the floor. In discussion with the volunteers and the shelter we found that housing was a major need to save rabbit lives.

Given our wonderful Haven membership, we were able to put together the funds to purchase a special 48" long custom built condo for the Antioch shelter rabbits! The Haven donated one three story Leith Petwerks condo to provide roomy space for three rabbits. Thank you to Leith Petwerks for helping with a discount, and to our generous donors that made this condo possible. The condo is dedicated to the memory of Milton, of "Jump" fame, beloved bunny son of Karen and Darrell Thomas. Milton passed away in July 2013. We hope to honor his memory with the donation of this condo set up that will serve three rabbits every day. Milton would be proud!"

Rest in peace, dear Milton. And thanks to all who made this wonderful gift possible! (Story and photograph from The Rabbit Haven.)

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