Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bunnies love to FLOP in our condos!

Sonn sent us a very sweet note about her new Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo! 

I received my triple 48" condo yesterday and I must say I have never been this happy with a cage before. I have three rabbits two of which are special needs. My bunny Banji is almost completely blind and has never been happy with his enclosures and he actually flopped in this cage! And my bunnies Dini and Enki are much much happier. With Dini who is completely deaf I no longer have to worry about one of my other pets scaring him when they are walking behind him. And Enki my little escape artist cannot escape while I am not home.  
It is also a lot bigger than I thought which is fantastic. And very very well made. This was money well spent.
Just wanted to let you know that I love the cage and my bunnies love their new home!

We truly know how incredible a compliment it is that a bun flopped in our condo. :) A flopping rabbit is a happy rabbit! 

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