Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Save a bunny's life: get a plant.

As Kermit The Frog said, “It ain’t easy being green.” Well, for a bunny, Easter isn’t any picnic either. Holidays are meant to help us remember and celebrate moments in our lives. The Easter holiday is to remind us of the spring, the rebirth of nature. Rabbits have become a symbol of Easter and of the fertility of nature. All in all, not a bad reputation for a bunny.

However, Easter is one day in the year. A pet bunny can easily live for ten years. So, while the Easter holiday may last but a moment, a single day, that bunny you want to give as a gift may very well need you for the next 3,462.5 days – or longer.

All too often what happens is that a bunny is given as a gift and the children, even the whole family are joyous about this sweet, cute and adorable little addition to the family for a few weeks. Then we’re off to summer and the bunny is forgotten. This once vibrant symbol of life is left in a cage and neglected, or worse, turned loose outside. Once outside, your bunny has a very slim chance of surviving even a few weeks. It is just cruel to subject a bunny to that; where is the love for this creature now?

You want to show the wonders of life? A pet as a gift is not the way to do it. If you do choose to get a living, breathing, creature, you need to commit to learning about them first, and committing to providing for them, not just for one day…but their entire lives.

If you are not SURE you can or are willing to commit to being a parent to a pet bunny for the next 3.462.5 days or more, then just DON’T DO IT!  Get a plant instead, because “While it ain’t easy being green,” it is a lot harder being a neglected pet!

Get a plant, save a bunny’s life!

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