Monday, December 3, 2012

Some days just take you by surprise.

Some days just take you by surprise. And not long ago, Scot had one of those days.

Petwerks World Headquarters is located on a short street in the tiny town of Turner, just outside Salem, Oregon. Our quiet street has a few small businesses located in warehouses on one side, and houses on the other. The most action the street sees is when Scot goes next door to borrow the forklift the paving company graciously starting sharing with us when ours died.

We have a small dumpster out front. We go to great lengths to find ways to recycle anything and everything. When we were in Bloomington, Indiana, Mary at the Monroe County Indiana Solid Waste Management District Reuse Center was AMAZING at connecting the oddest of items with the most amazing of uses. The holes we cut in carpeting for the Bunny Abodes? She found a school that used those and other carpet scraps for children to use as alphabet boards as they learned to read. Plexiglass ends? Those were really hot for use in creating museum mounts! 

The backside...  
Alas, this area does not have something that amazing. We have found individuals to take wood offcuts for kindling, sawdust for mulch, etc. Locals have also helped themselves to the contents of our dumper, and this is both good in that items are finding a second life, but bad as some people aren't very thoughtful and will leave a big mess around our dumpster. 

We were thinking of pulling the dumpster inside each day. 

A few weeks ago, a gentleman that Scot has seen at the house across the street from time to time approached him as he was heading for his truck to leave for the day. The gentleman approaches him, and holds up a piece of scrap MDF we use in the Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo flooring. He is showing the back side, so Scot knows its our scrap. He said he wanted to give us something, and turns the scrap over. 

Michael's amazing painting.
What was once a piece of scrap wood was a beautiful and radiant painting of a path through the lush woods leading toward a shining light. The photos I've taken really do not do it justice. The colors glow wish such rich depth, you can almost smell fresh grass!

Scot was pretty dumbfounded, and expressed his amazement. The man was very mild mannered, somewhat shy, and said he just "dabbles" and wanted to show us what he had done with our scrap. His is a story of the times; with degrees in marketing and theology (and clearly a bundle of creative talent), he's found himself out of a job, now living with his ex-wife to make ends meet.

And "dabbling" in his spare time.

I'm no art critic, but this looks way beyond dabbling to me. Looking at the painting up close, the thousands of brushstrokes are just as beautiful as the piece taken as a whole.  They amaze me; each so perfect where it lies, and representing something that I couldn't even begin to piece together from paint and brush.

The painting now sits on Scot's bookshelf at Petwerks. It is headed for a proper framing and hanging. We'll treasure it forever! What a great reminder that the most amazing things can be made from humble beginnings!

I think we'll leave the dumpster right where it is, perhaps with just a little sign reminding people to please be thoughtful and clean up after themselves. 


shannon carman said...

I believe when you put good out in the universe it has a way of revisiting you... this is a great example! You have vastly improved the lives of many rabbits and their human companions, what you may not know is how many others you have given to- thank you! : )

Annette F Tait said...

such a beautiful painting!! he should open an etsy shop - etsy is so cheap to sell on, and great for anyone :) or you could make cards of this painting, and 'add' a little bunny on the path and sell them? it's very beautiful, and so glad that people are making use of your scraps in the dumpster, I am hoping that they keep the area tidy around it