Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You and your favorite rescue win!

Show us a picture of YOUR best carved pumpkin OR other ghoulish handmade Halloween decoration or edible treat. (It does not have to be bunny themed.) From all entrants, we will pick ONE grand prize winner. You will receive a two pack of Vacation Villas, sent to you fre
e from Petwerks! ALSO, we will send a 12 pack of Vacation Villas, a $119.88 value, to the rabbit rescue of your choice! Your chosen organization can use them to please their foster rabbits, raffle them off at their next event, sell them as a fundraiser on eBay--whatever they wish to use them for! The donation will be sent to the organization along with a card noting your involvement in the donation from Petwerks!

THREE runners up will each get a nifty new Bunny Treat Ball, an adjustable plastic ball you can fill with little nibbles your inquisitive bun gets as they nose and roll it around. These items aren't even on the website yet, so you can be the FIRST to try them.

Entering is easy: post YOUR entry on the Petwerks Facebook wall. Then… watch as others vote with LIKES! We encourage you to enlist your friends, family, and favorite rabbit rescue organization to get in on the fun… campaign for them to support your entry if you wish. ;)

We will confirm that the winner is the authentic owner/creator of the object in question by either asking and/or doing research online to make sure the photo wasn't just nabbed from another web site, so be ready to show us a picture (in email if you wish) of your face next to your winning object. :)

GOOD LUCK EVERYBUNNY! Contest runs THROUGH November 6th, so toss your hat into the ring! 

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