Friday, August 24, 2012

Some buns have all the luck! Bunny Abodes in a swanky RV!

One element making our jobs fun is the diversity of those who have opened their hearts to rabbits. We have friends and customers all over, of all ages, of varying backgrounds, etc. We were thrilled to hear from a customer who was looking for the right accommodations for her rabbits, which were going on the road with her in her lovely RV as she embarked upon post-retirement adventures.

Read what she proactively sent us after the Bunny Abode condos were in her rv and ready to roll:

I am SO sorry it's taken me so long to get photos to you of the wonderful environments you created for our traveling rabbits!  I finally have had the time to get the photos resized so here are several.  
We are both SO pleased about how well it has worked out.  You may or may not notice that above the two condos and to the right of the large condos are carriers so we can safely evacuate the rabbits if need be.  You will also notice that the two pairs who have shelves are very happy about using them, tho they clearly also have room to cuddle on the main floor if they wish.  [...] 
Thank you so very much for what you do and the integrity and quality you pour into your business!  If you EVER need a recommendation, please feel free to give people my name. 
MaryKaye B. 

Thank YOU, MaryKaye, for loving your rabbits and giving them only the very best as they share your adventures!

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