Saturday, March 31, 2012

Petwerks needs your help.

Dear friends,

March is wrapping up as a pretty crappy month for us. Today, I put Scot on a plane to Indiana to gather with his brother and sister to help his Mom. She went into the hospital Tuesday for a routine surgery, and due to complications (pulmonary embolism, kidney shut down, medical coma, respirator pretty much sums it up) is... at that point where the hospital starts asking you questions you never want to answer, especially if your family members have never spoken to you about their wishes. (PLEASE, everyone: talk to your loved ones about your wishes if conditions are critical, and End of Life Care choices are a possibility. Do a Living Will to make it formal. At least talk about it so people know.)

This, on the heels of, just a week ago, handling the loss of our dog Marissa to an unexpected discovery of an advanced metastasized cancer. As you know and understand, our companion animals are our family, period. 

Oh, and did I mention that currently we are short one full time employee? So that makes... hiring for a new position... the head of the company gone and... oh yeah, me coming in after my day job to run Petwerks. :) I'm experienced, able and ready to do it, but it does mean a few things:

1) Bunny Abode Condos and some accessories for the condos will not be available until after April 24th.
2) EDIT: Orders for all other items (food, toys, treats, hay, etc.) will be processed upon our return on April 16th. (Previously we stated we'd continue shipping, as I wasn't aware she'd leave us so soon and didn't think I'd have to fly back east, too.)
3) Your patience, understanding AND continued support is very much needed and appreciated. 
4) Please share this with others! Take a moment to hug the ones you love, and pray for those in need.

We need our family and friends now more than ever, just as we've been there for ours when things arise.  We thank you all, and hope April springs up sunnier for everyone.

If you would like to place a condo order to get it into the queue, please call. While you'll have to leave a message, I WILL return your call when I can. If you need Critical Care or another order ASAP, please call and email -- I'll get it out right away even if I have to get up in the middle of the night to go box it up.

Love, hugs and nose rubs,



TheShazz said...

Oh Amy,
I am so very sorry to hear of all the heartache you and your family have experienced of late.
My thoughts are with you!
Sincerely, Sharon

Jade said...

So sorry to hear that you are going through such trying times. You're all in thoughts and prayers. Hugs from me, and Mr. Mick sends nose bonks and bunny kisses.