Friday, September 9, 2011

Petwerks is headed to SuperZoo!

Petwerks will be closed Tuesday September 13th through Friday September 16th. We'll be in Las Vegas at SuperZoo, the largest pet industry trade show in the US! It's always great fun, and really informative about the direction, trends, and general vibe of the pet industry. It's not open to the public, but we'll be blogging and posting from the event to give you a peek of what it's like. (The written rules say no photography. Are you kidding me? How else am I supposed to remember things when we're talking about HUNDREDS of booths? I'll snap away with my trusty iPhone.)

Of course, you'll miss the overzealous salesmen-and-women who try to pitch us everything from dried bully sticks (a chew for dogs that's made out of a... hilarious and disturbing... part of the bull anatomy) to cat food to aquarium pumps to gerbil hi-rises. They just don't get it when we say, "Oh, I'm sorry, no thanks. We specialize in house rabbits. We don't have a need..." They just launch right into their spiel. We often do look at products that aren't marketed for rabbits, because there could be some opportunity there, however.

Rabbits are STILL overlooked in the marketplace. Look at SuperZoo's own logo! Rabbits are the 4th most popular pet below dogs, cats, and birds... but are they in the logo? NO! We had to put our own little mascot in there. It just didn't feel right otherwise. There was a TURTLE in there for goodness sake! We love turtles, but come on!

Oh, and dog clothes. LOTS and LOTS of dog clothes. You have NO idea how many producers of poochie couture there are out there. OMG.

Whenever we go to industry events like this, we come away with two impressions: a realization that things HAVE improved in the market of products for rabbits in the almost 20 years we've been doing this. But even moreso, we are reminded of how vital it is that Petwerks continue to do just what it always has: offer only the best products that we know and test (or produce ourselves) for your rabbits. Many companies make good products, but some are just out to make a buck, or at best misguided and have thrown products out on the market for pet rabbits just because they saw someone else doing it and are afraid they might miss a buck.

Pssst -- secret is we'll be gone Tuesday through Thursday. We'll try to get things going on Friday, but always like to build in a little buffer in case there are travel delays or other problems. But don't be surprised if you get an email with a shipping notification that your order shipped on Friday. We just can't promise! ;)

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