Monday, August 1, 2011

Our customers love us. Give us a chance and you will too.

Greetings --

Just like others have said, the condo arrived promptly and was very easy to put together. We put them in a pen in front of the condo with the door open and within 10 minutes Oliver and Lucy were inside and scampering up and down the ramp. The condo was to be their first home together and we were shocked by how quickly they transitioned to it. They really do love it, and you guys really have figured out what bunnies want! We keep it in my daughter's room and it looks so cute in there. We are new to bunnies (Oliver is 7 months and Lucy 3) but we found pretty quickly that standard cages are not adequate homes. Now, if we're gone all day we don't worry about them because they have plenty of room for activity. They often don't want to come out when offered. If anyone asks me about having bunnies I will say wholeheartedly yes they are the most wonderful pets, but if you get one you must also get a Leith Petwerks condo! Bunnies don't belong in cages!

Thanks so much!

M. and J.

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