Saturday, May 14, 2011

Share the spring, summer and fall bounty!

Bunnies love vegetables. The differences in textures and tastes are a fun adventure for your rabbit, and the vitamins and minerals natural foods provide are an important part of a well balanced diet. As spring grows into summer, farmer's markets will be filled with fresh leafy greens and vegetables the colors of the rainbow, and buying fresh produce for your bun can be a fun thing for you, too!

[Need help locating a farmer's market or CSA program in your area? Check out this great web site, Local Harvest. A CSA is a subscription like partnership with a local farm where each week they provide you with a box of fresh, in season vegetables. It's a wonderful way to support local, sustainable agriculture, and fill your plate with wonderful, natural goodness!
Almost every veggie is safe for your rabbits. Spinach and kale are high in oxalates or goitrogens so should be given more sparingly, and broccoli can cause gas in some buns! As with everything else, you will find your bun has favorites, and may take a few tries before they find they enjoy a new vegetable. Here are just a few veggies to try!

Alfalfa, radish & clover sprouts
Baby bok choy
Beet greens (tops)*
Bok choy
Broccoli (mostly leaves/stems)*
Brussels sprouts
Carrot & carrot tops*
Chinese celery
Collard greens*
Dandelion greens and flowers (no pesticides)*
Dwarf choy sum
Gai long

Green peppers
Kale (!)*
Mustard greens*
Pea pods (the flat edible kind: snow pea or sugar snap pea)*
Peppermint leaves
Radish tops
Raspberry leaves
Romaine lettuce (no iceberg or light colored leaf)*
Spinach (!)*
Wheat grass
Yu choy
There's even a handy, helpful guide to basic vegetable selection available from the House Rabbit Society. Save it to your mobile phone and have it handy at all times!

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