Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tough times for shelters.

Recently, our local shelter, Willamette Valley Humane Society, announced a number of changes that were put into place in order for them to stay viable; while the decisions certainly aren't good, when you consider that an alternative was probably closing the doors... you gotta look at the bright side, right?

[I get so angry when I read comments such as some of those which follow the article. People talk about their anger and dislike toward the organization because of these decisions... but I bet donuts to dollars those people have never worked at a shelter, or volunteered at a shelter... probably never even dropped their spare change into a collection can, much less made a sizable donation of support. They just sit back in their chairs, expect that someone else will do that work--and pay for it--and take no thought of the intense amount of resources, from morale to money, that such an endeavor takes. Hence the key issue with animal overpopulation and neglect in our society... MOST people see it as "someone else's problem" to resolve.]

One regrettable change is that our shelter will no longer accept rabbits. This is truly sad for they had a nice small room and some great volunteers that really did a lot of great work to help the rabbits. But the cost of intake, spay/neuter and care for the animals was probably an easy target, given what I imagine are long stays, frequent re-surrender and other issues.

In the back of our minds, Scot and I have always thought of taking our small foster room (currently able to house six buns) and doing something larger. It seems like the time may be right; we are considering creating, next to Petwerks, a still small but expanded fostering facility, perhaps 12 beds. It's just a germ of an idea right now, and the real challenge is building a reliable local volunteer group of people who could help with care, and perhaps a foster home or two that could assist with bunnies that need more intense socializing assistance.

So many questions. Now we start looking for some answers!

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