Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Petwerks is about helping rabbits.

We started our business in 1997 due to the needs of our own house rabbit, Dinkum. From day one, we've endeavored to help organizations. We do foster and rescue work ourselves, and we donate to other organizations. Even in tough economic times, we continue to support organizations through education, donations and grants.

We love it when organizations tell us how things turned out!

Dear Scot,

I am writing to thank you for participating in NC Rabbit Day 2010. We had a wonderful day on Saturday, with about 250 people coming out to visit us at AniMall’s new location in Cary, NC. Five rescue organizations and shelters participated: Cape Fear House Rabbit Society, Carolina Pet Rescue, All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary, Dance with the Bunnies Rabbit Rescue, and the Wake County Animal Shelter. We saw more adoptions this year, with seven bunnies being adopted. Two more bunnies had adoption applications turned in, so we hope that they will also find their permanent home after coming to Rabbit Day.

Our activities included an education table staffed with volunteers and free handouts about rabbit care, our beautiful raffle and display tables, and the official kick-off for our spring “Make Mine Chocolate” campaign. Dr. Dan Johnson, a local veterinarian specializing in exotic animal medicine, answered questions and had a free nail-trimming clinic at our veterinarian table. We also had clicker training demonstrations by one of our volunteers and his bunnies.

Our “Bunny Olympics” photo contest was popular with our visitors, and showcased photos of rabbits doing different activities. All the photo entries are on the website gallery at www.rabbitday2010.com. Funny Honey Bunny was the favorite of Rabbit Day voters. Punk was the favorite of our online voters, with over 700 votes!

Your generosity in sending two boxes of Petwerks Vacation Villas and a box of chew toys was wonderful, and we are so grateful. Everyone who came to Rabbit Day was very excited to be able to take home a chew toy for their bunny from Leith Petwerks! We distributed toys to Rabbit Day visitors and to the adoptable bunnies. The rescue groups were also able to take toys and a Vacation Villa to the bunnies that are in rescue, but were not at Rabbit Day. We presented a Vacation Villa to all the bunnies who were adopted on Saturday to get them started in their new homes. Other Vacation Villas were given as raffle prizes. You have made a lot of NC bunnies very happy.

On behalf of the NC Triangle House Rabbits group and all our rescue partners, thank you so much for your sponsorship of NC Rabbit Day. This year we raised $235.00 for rabbit rescue, and the money was donated on Saturday to our participating rescue groups. We appreciate your help in making Rabbit Day 2010 a great success!

Best Wishes,

Jeanette Lyerly
NC Triangle House Rabbits Group
Rabbit Day 2010 Fundraising Chair

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