Sunday, March 28, 2010

Party animals!

We love the unsolicited feedback we receive. Some bunnies are very adept at using a keyboard!

Hi Scott and Amy,

My mom (Jennifer) received a package yesterday from the UPS driver and was super excited.... like she always is and I just thought, ok here she goes again! She came right in to my room and told me the package was for me. Boy did my ears perk up! I don't know if you guys know this but I am super scared of everything and am a complete momma's girl! So even the opening of the box sent me into hysterics! Well, let me tell you, was it worth it! The new hay holder is AMAZING! I can fit my whole little Dutch body into this thing! WOW!!!! I will be nibbling for days without needing a refill!
Now onto the Party Deck! You guys are so fun! My mom thinks the name is hilarious! She put it on the penthouse level of my amazing condo. I was a little skeptical at first and wouldn't touch it all day yesterday! Well, overnight I thought I would try it out! What a view of the place! I've been napping on it all day! My mom was super excited this morning when she came in to feed me at 6:30 and snapped my picture....I have to say, I look good...even for first thing in the morning!
We just really want to thank you for everything you do for bunnies! We wish we lived closer to you, we'd come and give you chin rubs ourselves! But, for now, pictures will just have to do! Keep an eye out for our annual Easter picture, Salem (my Flemish Giant 'brother') is very uncooperative for pictures, so it may not happen, but mom is still hoping it will! In the mean time, I'm hanging out on the party deck!!!! Check out the pictures I've attached! You guys are super fun!

( \/ )Thanks again,
(o.o) Turnip!
(> <)

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