Monday, March 22, 2010

Hay is life!

For bunnies, copious amounts of high quality grass hay is vital to good health and happiness!
We found a local hay grower that could meet our over-the-top stringent requirements for quality hay for our bunnies. We have some really picky eaters and wanted to find a more environmentally friendly and economical solution... that way EVERYONE wins.

We are now very excited to offer this high quality locally grown hay straight from us to you and your pets. All at a great price. The bunnies just go crazy for this hay!
We will be offering 1st cut timothy as well as other hays as they become available and if they can continue to meet our exacting standards for quality. Nothing but the best will do.

This hay comes in a convenient 24" x 24" x 24" box, approximately 50# +/- of delicious green hay. At this price...what a deal! Only $28.95 (plus shipping)!

And if you are local to our shop in Turner, Oregon, you can drop by and pick up an entire 110# bale!

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