Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lizzie and Bonzai... friends?

Lizzie and Bonzai are our "own" buns (as compared to our half dozen foster buns. Wait, make that five, Scot's decided Indy isn't going anywhere). They inhabit separate levels of a triple level Bunny Abode. Bonzai has the upper two levels, and Lizzie has the bottom level and 2/3 of the time out in the "courtyard" in front of the condo I created with an x-pen. This has given the two a lot of exposure to one another. They share play area, and they are often close, but separated by the wire walls.

The play area contains enough to keep them entertained, and for the most part, they didn't seem to care about the other. But recently... I've noticed Lizzie trying to squeeze her face out through the walls, and Bonzai has been spending more time lounging by her, instead of out in the courtyard.

We thought it was time for a little intro. I didn't intend to bond them, but hey, they might be into it.

Scot sat on one end of the futon in my studio with Lizzie, I on the other with Bonzai. This is "neutral territory" for them and a very unique and confined space. At first, neither seemed to care as Scot held Lizzie and I eventually let Bonzai down to roam. Eventually we placed Lizzie in the space between us. They were suddenly like, "Oh! Hi!"
Neither were on the high-tail alert I'd become familiar with. Bonzai, a very active and hyper guy, immediately hopped on Lizzie and tried to show her who was boss. She very patiently settled own and let him do his macho thing. There was no anger, no stress... but the moment he was done she did a jump turn in mid air and, I hate to be rude, landed on top of him and showed him how it was really done. (Both are neutered, Lizzie is a girl and Bonzai is a boy.) Bonzai was rather... stunned.

Once she'd made her point we distracted them and they danced around one another. An odd series of attempts to present, scenting behavior and face rubs emerged. Periodically one or the other would mount, but the other would almost immediately assent, but shortly afterward make their point in return.

It was odd that there was no stress or anger at all. They were just bull headed and well matched, and hell bent on neither of them giving in, but not interested in demolishing the other bun to prove a point.

We got them side by side, both sort of loafed, and we stroked each in the long head to tail full handed pets they love. We'd pet one, then the other, then the first to mix their scents. They loafed out more, lying side by side.

They seemed to enjoy it. After about 20 minutes we decided to end it on that high note, and we'll see what happens in a few more days when we try again.

Huh. Who knew?


jademyst said...

Congrats on the unexpected bonding--and just in time for Valentine's Day too! :)

Bunnies Bridal and More said...

They are so cute!!