Thursday, September 3, 2009

New buns taste test.

Each bun is a unique individual. In addition to their backgrounds setting them up for success (or difficulty), their individual tastes are never to be taken for granted, either. When a bun is new to our fostering unit or our home, as is the case with Lizzie and Bonzai, the process of exploring together is an important element of building a bond together.

It's also a never ending source of amusement.
Lizzie loved cilantro from the first sniff, having gently approached my outstretched hand. Bonzai aggressively approached it, sniffed it with suspicion, took one bite and then leapt straight into the air in surprise, as if he'd been shocked. In time, both ate the small bit I'd left for them.

A sprig of a small leaf basil was devoured by Lizzie, and sniffed by Bonzai who nibbled it with little zeal.

Lizzie took a demure nibble from a strawberry and then hopped away, not interested. After a distant sniff, Bonzai's eyes got large and he went straight from small nibble to wide mouthed, gluttonous gorging when presented with a strawberry. Juicy and ripe from the back yard, his little bunny lips were covered in dark pink juice, he looked maniacal. I was lucky to pull my fingers away in time.

You just never know!

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