Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marco is picture perfect.

This photo is like the senior class hellion who gets dressed up in a suit for his senior pictures. Marco looks so cute, so adorable, so prim and proper. The truth is that there were untold legions of photos of him pushing the bowls around, lying down on the job, eating the light tent, nibbling the camera, periscoping up to see what else might be of interest because I was clearly boring him, etc.

We love him just the way he is: mess, mischievousness and all. But for a bit I'll just act like this is how he normally acts.

He's modeling the Tuscan Dish; the colors were right up my alley and it didn't dawn on me until he was in the picture that his black and white self was just what the picture needed. He seemed to prefer the blue dish as he kept sticking his head in it, and preferred to push the green dish off to the side. Repeatedly.

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