Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Losing a Loved Animal: The Eternal Gift of Love in Salem, Oregon on July 10th, 2009

Lauren McCall is a teacher of animal communication and TTouch. She's an Oregon local and is going to be presenting a class here in Salem soon. I haven't met Lauren (yet), but the material sounds interesting, and it's always good to promote such unique offerings here in our area!

Losing a Loved Animal: 
The Eternal Gift of Love 

July 10th, 6 - 9 pm 
Journey’s @ 456 Court St NE Salem, OR 97301
Cost is $40 

This class is an introduction to how animals view the end of life's cycle, and life after death. Drawing on her work as an internationally known animal communicator, Lauren will discuss experiences that animals have related to her about the transition process, leaving loved ones behind, the purpose of their journey in life, reincarnation and the eternal gift of love. Though spiritual in nature, the class is not based on any religious belief, rather the animal's point of view. 

Losing a Loved Animal is ideally suited to anyone who loves animals and has experienced, or is about to experience, the loss of a beloved animal companion. While not intended to focus on 'grief and loss', participants should benefit from a clear understanding of where animals believe they go when they pass on, and how they can be contacted by those left behind. A guided imagery exercise will be conducted to help participants initiate the animal communication process. 

For further information, download the PDF about the course, or see Lauren's website

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DJ said...

I took her TTouch class years ago at the HRS in Richmond,Calif.

I used it with a bunny that was so scared of people that she would attack. It took a while of handling her this way, but it worked. She stopped attacking people and isn't afraid of even strangers. I can pick her up for nail trims or other handling now, and she seems only mildly perturbed. She used to squeal with fear... that was a dreadful thing to hear. She likes being petted and yes, still likes the TTouch.