Monday, May 4, 2009

Visiting with Rabbit Meadows (the organization formerly knows as Best Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret House)

This weekend we enjoyed some time away from the warren. We visited friends (human and long eared alike) at Rabbit Meadows in the Seattle area. We dropped off some products at their store (they carry a few of our items... check them out if you are local!) and then attended their fundraising dinner held at the Rusty Pelican. From the thank you plaques on the walls, it would seem that this diner is very helpful to animal related organizations, so give the fine folks there your business if you are in the area.

It's always great to go to an event at another organization and meet new people, swap stories, and just basque in the glow of good people. 

The event was well attended, and the silent auction was quite active. While we'd donated an item to be a part of it, we also helped out by bidding on a number of items. Mostly I was OUTbid, but I tried, I really did, on a number of awesome pieces of art, ranging from the light and whimsical to the dramatic. I was going after a Kozyndan print, a bunn-y-fied version of the famous Japanese woodblock print done by Katsushika Hokusai in the 1830's called The Great Wave. I went back and forth with another bidder on the silent page until she upped the ante in one big smackdown, and I bowed out. 

I'd first seen this image on the cover of Giant Robot magazine, and found them on the web as a result. But for some reason I never made a connection, and at the event Tamara, the lovely woman who had donated those items promised to give me the hookup. Awesome! So look for prints of their bunny related work to come to the Boutique. Hang tight; we all might be able to get one, after all!

There was a small framed piece by artist Joseph Larkin, a striking fellow who displays quite a range. He does lovingly realistic drawings of his own furry friends, but a lot of his work is of a vastly different style (some nude, others very visceral and grotesque imagery [but not in relation to bunnies, of course!], so beware before clicking links to the rest of his gallery on if such material would offend you). 

This is not the piece that was available, but check this one out: the detail is astounding.  

Also snatched from my reach by more monied members was a print from that is similar to the design found on this tshirt


While we lost those, we DID score big in other areas! My favorite win was a wonderful hand stitched bag by Kristin Fraser, The Neurotic Knitter. She has some items aimed at knitters in her Etsy shop, but the bag I won is a very well made over the shoulder purse with inside pockets, a mag clasp and an adorable pop chic fabric in bright colors with a design that holds a hidden rabbit... I won that one in part because I kept hovering around the table, ready to strike the bid sheet again if someone tried to scoop me!  

We rounded out our time in Seattle with some more work, and a little play to boot. It's nice to visit, but it's also nice to be back here in the warren with the pack. 

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