Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A memorial to friends past: Save 15% off of 48" Double Level Condos!

Guess what big surprise BunFun readers heard about a few days ago? In a very moving memorial piece written by Scot, he paid honor to those long eared friends that have left us. And in their memory, he offers a 15% discount off of 48" Double Level Condos! There's no coupon code or special task required; the discounted price is right there in the online catalog!

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In more good news, we are also offering a special SIX PACK of Oxbow papaya tablets. While they are a wildly popular product, there was a little ordering mistake and we received many more bottles than we intended to order. Help us move them for a very special price, Stock-Up Sale style! A six pack of Oxbow papaya tablets for only $5.19 per bottle. That’s 540 tablets to keep them happy for a good long time!

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