Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May 1st is Buy Indie Day!

This doesn't have to do with bunnies, but rather books. Buy Indie Day is May 1st. I admit I'm not sure who declared it such, but I strongly support the idea, so who cares!?  :-)  The idea is to visit your nearby independent bookstore and purchase one paperback, hardcover, audiobook, magazine... whatever you want! 

Supporting responsible and worthy independent businesses  is vital to the strength of local economies and everyone's fiscal health. When you vote with your dollars, never forget that each purchase you make in effect supports the company's philosophies, ethics, and priorities. Buying from those who are local and/or independent is a great investment in your community, for the money you spend there remains flowing in the nearby areas, unlike large corporate profits which are whisked away to the pockets of those far away, sometimes even in other countries. 

(Modern times and globalization has brought us many wonders; we do, after all, offer products to the world via our online catalog! We serve up unique products of quality and value, and back them with unparalleled customer service, and very personal responsibility to our customers. When you support us, you support sustainable, environmentally conscious and responsible business practices, ethical treatment of employees, and give back to the communities and concerns for which you care about--bunnies! Plus, supporting more small businesses provides more diversity in the fiscal world, which, just like in biology, provides for more stability!)

So take a moment on your lunch break, way home, or whenever to check out your local Indie store. Don't know where one is? Use this handy finder! Learn more about Buy Indie Day at Indie Bound

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