Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day from Petwerks!

Each year as spring approaches, I can’t help but get excited about nature’s annual rebirth. Easter is as good a reminder of this as any day could be, but it is a bit of a mixed blessing for those involved in rabbit rescue, fostering and adoption.

You see, each Easter bunnies are given as gifts to and by families that—while good hearted and good intentioned—are just not well versed into what they are getting into with the raising of a pet rabbit. Often these pet rabbits end up in shelters or abandoned a mere month or two later as they grow from their cute little “of course this bunny is a mini or dwarf” into a mature and active yet much larger adult.

So we don’t make much of a fuss over Easter because of what it means to bunnies everywhere, while this often comes as a surprise to our customers. Earth Day, on the other hand, is a day I can really get behind. As blossoms spring forth and I eagerly await planting goodies in the garden (as do the bunnies!), what could be better than a day that focuses on the planet for the good of all her inhabitants?

At Petwerks, we make a conscious effort every day to do what we can to help the environment. This means reusing packaging materials when possible, recycling or donating our manufacturing scraps, reducing our utility needs, using recycled materials for our office and shop, and supporting alternative energy systems.

After all, making great homes for bunnies doesn’t make sense if we don’t make our home, Earth, a better place too!

Thank you for your support, and have a wonderful Earth Day. Make every day an Earth Day!

Scot Leith
CEO and Chief Litter Box Changer
Petwerks Inc.

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