Sunday, February 22, 2009

We are the first to have new Oxbow Papaya Fruit Plus!

Our shipment of the newly reformulated Oxbow Papaya Fruit Plus tablets, the replacement for their previous papaya tablet, will arrive this week. You may place your orders now!

Orders including this new product will begin shipping on Thursday. Our friends at Oxbow informed us that we would have them before anyone else! Oxbow's suggested retail price (MSRP) is $7.86; our price is a low $6.99!

Papaya tablets are a great way to not only treat your bunny, but encourage healthy gut function! Bunnies ingest hair as they groom. Unlike cats, they cannot gather and expel hairballs. Papaya contains an enzyme that deconstructs proteins, breaking down the strands of hair in the bunny's digestive system so it can pass easily without gathering together with other stomach contents to contribute to blockages. Buns love the taste of the tablets, and will quickly learn to come running when they hears the shake of the bottle.

This product comes in one size, a 90 tablet count bottle. (We've already asked Oxbow to please also make a larger count bottle available.)


dawnzer said...

Thanks for the great service (as always)!

Am I the only one who has a bun that does NOT like the new formula? I have a bonded pair of house rabbits and one excitedly comes running for the tablets as always, and although the male comes running - he puts his nose in the air once he smells what we are offering! He will reluctantly eat it only after some insistence, but he doesn't go nuts over it like he did with the old formula. bummer.

dawnzer said...

A little late, but here is an update! After a couple of weeks, our picky bun has taken to the new formula and comes running when I give the bottle a shake - just like he used to (and just like you said he would).

Thanks for providing great stuff for great bunnies!