Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shipping options update.

As you may have read, we were exploring additional shipping options in order to improve the service our customers receive. Over the years we have at times used FedEx Ground and Express services. We've had some difficulties with both UPS and FedEx, and at the same time each service has it's bright spots as well.

Recently we tried FedEx again. Unfortunately, the same issues remain, issues which cause problems for the reliable pickup and delivery of packages for our customers. And we simply cannot abide that, as having the best experience for our customers is one of the reasons we are here (the other is to help bunnies, of course)!

So as of today, we have removed the FedEx shipping option from the web site.

Okay now, enough of that boring business stuff. Here's something hilarious from lolbunnies.com. I had a foster, Silver, who used to escape her x-pen all the time. We couldn't figure out how, until I took her to an adoption event, set her up, turned around and... someone pointed and said, "OMG Amy, she is climbing the x-pen like a seasoned rock hound!"

Sure enough...

1 comment:

DJ said...

I've had two bunnies that can climb. One used to magically appear on top of her storage cube condo. I couldn't imagine her jumping that high. One day she just climbed straight up the side while I was watching.

The other bunny likes to climb the wall of her x-pen and stand at the top, staring out. I guess the view is better from up there.

But I've never had one that helped by acting as a stepping stone for another!