Monday, December 15, 2008

A papaya tablet mystery... SOLVED!

Here at the Petwerks World Headquarters, located in snowy/icy Salem, Oregon, we have been fielding many questions and concerns. Rabbits and humans alike love, and I mean LOVE, their papaya tablets from Oxbow.

The product's apparent demise has rattled many.

But do not fear. Here's more information which should hopefully allow you to sleep at night.

Oxbow endeavors to be at the forefront of animal health developments. Their papaya tablets were one of the first to be formulated without added sugars. As time has passed, and new developments in animal nutrition have come along, Oxbow has identified ways to improve the beloved product.

Now, here is the business reality: if you have a product that you wish to reformulate, you'll have to empty the supply chain of the old product before releasing the new version. If you don't, you'll end up with a lot of stock of the old product on hand that no one wants, because there's a snappy new version available. That would be a horrible waste of money and resources.

So... what you do, is you stop producing the old formula, you allow the supply chain to empty, and then you release the new version, and everyone is happy.

Oxbow anticipates their newly formulated papaya tablets will be available late January 2009.

If you are in need of papaya tablets NOW, we suggest Papaya Supreme from Swanson; they are also a no-sugar added formula. We sold these for some time in the past, and used them with our own house rabbits.

We would carry these for you, however Swanson does not wholesale their products and will only now only allow the purchase of up to three bottles. Currently, they are running a "buy one get one free" special, so you can stock up and save.

We hope that you'll visit us end of January 2009 for the new Oxbow formulation! (That assumes of course that they are available as Oxbow plans.)


Chris said...

Thanks for providing this info, I wish that Oxbow themselves was so forthcoming, and could let people on their mailing list or even on their website know about the virtual discontinuation of a product that customers depend on!!! I am very concerned about this move as I'm not sure I will trust the new product for my rabbits with over-sensitive stomachs. The old product was just fine, seems like people were buying it up, so why change?

Anytime a company calls for "reformulation" of an already successful product out of the blue I have to wonder why? Did they find a cheaper way to make the papaya tablets and that prompts an "improvement"? Did someone buy out Oxbow, especially considering the drastic shift in their company and website?

If I sound upset, it's because I have just gone thru a similar "reformulation" with Canidae dog food after many years of being a loyal customer. Unfortunately their "improved" product made both my dogs sick (and it seems many others due to ingredient changes/additions) and I've had to find a new food and company to trust. A dog is heartier than a rabbit, and I'm worried that the "new and improved" Papaya tablets will end up making my rabbits sick, something that will be harder for them to bounce back from.

Oxbow is really letting it's customers down.

amy said...

Chris, at the same time take a moment to think about all the products you continue to use and enjoy that have gone through changes, improvements, reformulations. Chances are there are many more successes than failures. It seems a bit rash to assume that change will equal something bad or negative. Change often leads to wonderful positives, too, don't forget!

Why change? I'll ask Oxbow point blank, and post what I learn. The information I have currently is simply that based on advancements in knowledge about small animal health and nutrition in the past decade, that improvements could be made.

Oxbow has made many changes in the past few years, but the one constant we've found is the quality of the products.