Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Props for carries shoes... a lot of shoes. They've been known for carrying may leather-free shoes, too. Until recently, however, they carried shoe designs that contained elements of fur. Often, trim and detail fur comes from rabbits.*

Recently, however, they did some research, and the result is a now fur-free web site and a promise to stay that way.

"Good news for our animal-loving customers out there! Following discussions with PETA regarding the fur industry, and after hearing from our customers and members of the public about the issue, has officially become fur-friendly! . . . The website is now completely free of all products containing animals' fur, and is committed to staying that way."

So next time you need some shoes, consider! I've been a customer of theirs once or twice, and have been very happy with their selection and service. Sometimes they might be a buck or two more than some other guy, but their selection and service is well worth it. Vote carefully with your dollars!

* Ignorance is not bliss; recently, I spoke with an educated adult who thought that the use of fur was not cruel. They thought fur could be "obtained" without harming the animal, similar to shearing a sheep. Unfortunately, that's
not so. Fur--from seal to rabbit to fox to chinchilla--comes at the ultimate cost to the animal. Not only that, but the fur industry is known to be the most brutal, in part due to lack of regulation or overseas production locations. And if all that information wasn't hellish enough, a lot of low-cost fur from overseas is actually from dogs and cats. I won't go into details. If you want to know more information, do some web searching, educate yourself, and make careful decisions.

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