Monday, November 3, 2008

Petwerks has your Oxbow products... including papaya tablets!

Petwerks is pleased to announce that we are one of Oxbow Animal Health's preferred online retailers (previously known as Oxbow Hay). Oxbow products helped us care for our very first house rabbit, Dinkum, way back in 1992. Petwerks has carried Oxbow products since its early days. Our relationship with Oxbow is long and varied; we have worked with a number of hard working staff on issues, such as Brandon and Jeremy in sales, and also founder John Miller. This long connection has been one of our most enjoyable relationships. Their dedication to quality makes their product line a perfect fit for the exceptional demands that Petwerks requires of the products we carry!

You will find many of Oxbow's foods, hays, supplements and other products on our web site. If there is an Oxbow product you need that we do not have listed, simply email us and we will get it for you!

P.S - WE HAVE OXBOW PAPAYA TABLETS! While most outlets are out of stock, we have plenty!

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