Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A bun's passing: Rest in peace, my darling.

It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of one of our team. Billy, a feisty Mini Rex who came into our family almost ten years ago.

Oddly enough, he was in Oregon, in the hands of someone about to do him and his brother Bailey some serious harm when a friend of rabbits happened on the scene and saved them, bringing them into her home which already contained foster rabbits. She cared for them for some time; she relocated to the midwest where I met her (and Billy). Shortly thereafter, in 1998-99, Billy came to live with us--he was supposed to be a foster, but you know how that sometimes goes. :-)

We loved him for many reasons, in part due to his crankiness; he usually disliked women, preferring my husband! He was bold and huffy, and we enjoyed his strict decisions about the keeping of his house. He loved our dogs, and vice versa. Over the years he'd made a friend of or two in other bunnies, but never any relationship that stuck. He seemed happy with this. He would give us his invaluable input about new ideas and products.

He was a great buddy.

Today he left us; we noticed very recently that he seemed to be slowing down. He left us peacefully, and is with Dinkum, Joey and his other friends at the Rainbow Bridge. He was laid to rest in our yard, with a statue of a peaceful resting rabbit watching over him.

Warm thoughts for his travels, and please give your own little ones an extra hug tonight, for we can no longer hold one of our own.


Bunnies Bridal and More said...

I am so sorry to read about Billy. You were great bunny parents and he is now refreshed and going all sorts of binkies..all of his friends are now with him. You will meet again one day!

Christy said...

my deepest condolences. my bunny rosie left us almost 3 months ago, and i'm still extremely sad that she is gone.