Monday, September 29, 2008

I heart bunnies on YouTube.

While YouTube is an endless time suck where one can lose entire afternoons (not to mention Monday mornings), I'm thankful for the proliferation of video on the web because it is also a great educational tool. Thinking back to 1992 when we brought Dinkum into our family, I remember looking for books (there were few), for people in my area (where were none) who had experience with rabbits as companion animals.

We made the leap anyway, and it was a great decision. Of course, rabbits aren't for everyone. Those considering a bunny, or who are new to rabbits and wanting to know if their rabbit is "normal" (if there IS such a thing), have a really great resource available to them.

I've been asked many questions such as, "What is a binky," or "Rabbits just sit around and look cute, right, they don't DO anything?" It's so much easier to explain the answers with a video accompaniment, and you can always find something relevant on YouTube in just a few seconds.

It's helped me provide better information to the public about rabbits!

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