Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best wishes to Leaps and Bounds Rabbit Rescue!

As rabbits continue to capture the hearts of people, the irony is that the need for educational resources, fostering and rescue only increases. Roseville, CA has a new organization to be proud of.

Check out the Evite to their Grand Opening!

According to their web site:

Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue, Inc. was founded by three individuals: Kim DeWoody, Nola Williams, and Linda Hark. This group was founded because each of us cares very deeply about rabbits and their well-being. Our primary focus is to enhance the lives of rescued rabbits in need by providing shelter, medical care, rehabilitation, socialization, and retraining as necessary while they are in foster care, with the ultimate goal of finding them permanent homes. We would also like to empower the citizens of Roseville and other surrounding areas to get actively involved in their communities by encouraging volunteerism, whether it may be with this rescue group or any other organization in need of assistance.

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