Thursday, August 28, 2008

Would a bunny by any other name still not be really CUTE?

Thank you for allowing me some liberties with that classic phrase. 

Every week I have the great fortune to speak with a lot of bunny owners/slaves/minions. I get to hear the story of their bunny or bunnies and often they are a doozy with oh such interesting names. Talking with all these wonderful bunny-people got me to thinking about bunny names. 

It seems to me that bunnies are often given really distinct names. Sure, there's Thumper, Honey Bunny, and a handful of others that are used fairly often, but more often than not I come across bunnies with names like:  Clover, Daisy, Acorn, Fiver, Sir Hops-a-Lot, Booster, Dexi, Beemer, Taco..."what!...did you say Taco?"  Now you just know there has to be a story behind THAT name. 

So, if you would be so kind as to share, what is the name of your bunny OR bunnies (because who can have just one?) and how did you come up with the name(s). Is there a story there? We'd love to hear it. 


Carole said...

My bun's name is Dudley,a two year old New Zealand white and he's my first bunny. The story behind his name may not be super interesting, except to me, but I will share it anyways:).
I wracked my brain for awhile trying to come up with a great name even though his gender was still up for debate. He was still the very young bun at the time. Finally, I happened to be sitting on the couch, glanced over at a photo of my dog Daisy and a onetime playmate whose name was Dudley. It just sounded so perfect for a bunny, that's what I went with and I've been told a number of times that it's a great bunny name.
One other bonus tidbit, if you look at him head on, he's a twin of the Cadbury bunny from the tv commercials:)

Scot said...

That is a GREAT name. Dudley sounds like a perfect name for the twin of the Cadbury bunny. He doesn't make that clucking sound I hope.

Carole said...

To this point he has not made the clucking sound in my presence but I cannot vouch for what he may or may not do when I'm not around:)

amy said...

It's only fair that I add one of our stories. Scot names most of our pets. He has a very solid ability to commune with animals, to earn their trust and to fairly quickly get them to display their true personalities. As a result, he gets a "feel" for what their name should be well before I do.

Dinkum was our first house bun, brought into our household shortly after our marriage in 1992. We got him as a teeny baby -- or at least he seemed teeny. He was about 9 weeks old, and in his photos he's so cute. As a dutch/harlequin mix he had a unique look (the general shape of a Dutch, but what might be black on a black/white Dutch was instead the mixed greys, blacks, tans and browns of a harlquin). As a baby he was a "mini me" to his adult self, uppy ears and all.

His spunky attitude and outgoing nature was just so upbeat... and somehow, the name Dinkum came to Scot.

We miss the little guy; he was by far the most outgoing bun we've known. We would have large gatherings of a dozen people in our home, and he would make the rounds looking for snacks and rubs, and then FLOP down in the very center of the room, as if to say, "These are my people. You may now worship me."

bucatcher said...

My buns name is SMUCKERS! He is a very very cute black and white dutch bunny that I adopted from Hug-a-bunny last winter. He already had his name, when I brought him home. It definitely suits him..He also answers to Smucker-Bu (my cat is named bu and I call her Bu-Bu) and Smucks for short...he is an independent boy, loves to run and hop and jump on couches, but isn't a fan of being held..though he will lovingly accept pets and kisses on his nose. He is definitely a Smucker of a bunny.

Obsessed with knitting said...

Our first bunny found us because it was sitting at the bottom of our driveway. Long story short... someone in the neighborhood had "let her go." We live on the corner of a street with the word Bonita in it. I said, "We should call her Bonita!" My husband, said, "No, we should call her Bunita."

Our second adopted bunny had lots of fluffy fur. He had coloring like a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich, so we called him Fluffer. And sometimes Fluffer Nutter :-)

Our third adopted bunny already came with a name, Herbie. When we took him home and got a good look at him, I thought he needed a French name. He seemed to like his first name, so we added a name to it, Herbie Pierre.