Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Friends, Rexs, bunny-men...lend me your ears!

You may recall a little bit of rain that sort of inundated the Midwest this past spring. Well, they're still hurting from mother nature's little smack down and could really use some help. One of the hardest hit areas was Iowa City, Iowa. 

In the news about all you could see was a few roof tops poking out from a brown sea of rushing water. Unfortunately, right in the middle of this was the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. The little furry guys and gals made it through...but they lost their homes! Oh how awful!

So, we sent some Bunny Abodes to give their bunnies and cats (yes, they work GREAT for cats and kittens) some brand spankin' new lodgings! If you are in the area, or even if not, please consider stopping by and lending a hand or making any kind of donation whether in dollars or supplies. How can you say no to that cute little face? 

Stay tuned to the BunFun newsletter for further details about the flood and their advice for disaster preparation. You DO get the BunFun newsletter we send out...right? If not, sign up here.

Another shelter that took a beating (thanks again mother nature...we really didn't need that!) is out here in the Pacific Northwest. The Lewis County Animal Shelter in Washington state also had a run in with some raging floodwaters. The Friends of the Lewis County Animal Shelter could sure use your help too. 

The waters may have receded, but the need continues. There are lots of ways to help that don't include monetary donations. Often, just your time is a huge asset, or maybe you know someone who knows someone who has resources to help. Work those connections and networks to see if you can help some animals have a better year. 


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