Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Print Catalog?

I am often asked if we have a print catalog. We USED to have a print catalog, but that is no more. Put simply, it is just too impractical to produce a printed catalog for a small business in this day and least it is for us. It used to be, when we first started this business (way back in 1997) that there were only a few items even available for pet rabbits. Additionally, most manufacturers or pet supply distributors updated their pricing once a year. At that time, we could efficiently and economically have a printed catalog of our items.

Since that time, the selection and availability of not only the items we manufacture, but those that have come available for pet rabbits has expanded tremendously. At the same time manufacturers now introduce and remove items on a continuous basis rather than once a year. Distributors now send out electronic pricing lists that change every month as opposed to the once a year catalog we traditionally received. Technology has given us online ordering systems and they can be updated daily rather than annually.

Due to the volatile nature of supply costs and the ever changing selection of items available for pet rabbits it just isn't practical to produce a catalog that is out-of-date by the time it is printed. We have found that a better solution is to have an ONLINE catalog that is continuously updated with new quality products for your pet rabbits.

We apologize that not everyone has a computer readily available to order supplies online. In most places you can use a computer at your local public library or internet cafe. Our decision to only produce an online catalog that we can update instantly serves to provide the best service and information to the largest number of customers while keeping costs as low as possible.

You've got better things to spend your money on than a paper catalog, plus it is more environmentally friendly this way. Just ask your bunnies...they'd rather have more toys or treats than a catalog!

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