Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July!...wait, where'd June go?

It seems as though time has been going in slow motion lately. I mean to say that I feel that "I" have been going in slow motion lately. Time seems to be flying by just fine, but leaving me in the dust. I had hoped to get so much more done in June, but it was not to be.

Yeah, it is now July (duh) and I love July in Oregon! There are festivals nearly every weekend, great food sprouting from all the wonderful farmer's markets, and perfect camping weather. Plus...we get July 4th Independence Day! A great reminder of how hard our fore fathers and fore mothers toiled and fought to create this home of ours. It seems easy to get overwhelmed by all the negative in the World, especially if you watch the news or read any media. Yet, there is so much good out there if we only stop a moment to focus on that rather than the train wreck the media portrays. People are out there doing good things every day both here in the US and abroad. Let's give a big "Hurray" for all their efforts. We just don't need to be bombarded by all this negative media hype.

As a small, family run, US business. I would like to personally give a hearty salute to all those American businesses out there. The ones that haven't fled to other countries to save a few bucks on taxes or payroll. To all those mom-and-pop businesses that are struggling to make it in an economy that is anything but helpful. To those businesses that have said "NO, we're going to stay here and we're going to do business the right way." --Way to GO family businesses, let's all hang in there!

In the coming weeks watch for us to highlight those items that we carry that are solely US made. We make every effort to use US made goods in all the products we make as well as search proactively for US made goods for everything else we sell. It only makes sense. This is a great country with a whole lot of great businesses out there making truly awesome products for your pets...let's make sure we keep them here by supporting them!

Yeah, for July. Yeah for America. Yeah for summer. Now I am off to eat some watermelon...yeah (and yum)!

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