Monday, April 28, 2008

See A Need - Fill A Need

Seeing as how we have opposable thumbs and they seem to be a very handy thing indeed, it falls to us, the humans, to help our furred, feathered, finned, or scaled compatriots of Earth when they are in need. Thumbs, along with technology, allows for some truly fascinating means of assisting the animals. Turtles of all sort need our help to deal with speeding cars and boats. I have seen wheeled carts for dogs, cats and rabbits that had mobility issues. I have even seen a prosthetic tail created for a dolphin that had it's own tail severed by a fishing line. Here's another first, this time for a penguin in need!

Chilly Willy gets a wesuit

I applaud the creativity and effort that goes into saving or helping our animal friends! Keep up the good work.

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