Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More of Brioche from Craig.

More goodies from Craig. Hello, Brioche!

And we ❤️ you, too, Brioche!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sometimes, it's the simple little things... like the Petwerks Hay Loft.

Bunnies love hay. Bunnies love chewing on boxes. But a hay filled box? That's just heaven! 

Years ago, Petwerks developed the Hay Loft. Simple, adorable, inexpensive... it's the perfect way to provide your bun with something to explore, something to chew, AND encouragement to get healthy fiber while they are at it. 

Not to mention, it can help contain some of the hay mess. Sometimes. We all know a bun who will do everything in their power to create the biggest mess possible. Period. 

But, it's not just for buns! Craig shared with us photos of his guinea pig, Brioche, who just loves this "portable hay station." 

Brioche is so handsome! Now you see him... 

And now you don't! :-) 

Many thanks to Craig for being an awesome customer, and being kind enough to share his kudos for us, and his adorable little Brioche! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feb 25th is World Spay Day!

World Spay Day is an effort by Humane Society of the United States and other organizations to educate people on the benefits of spaying and neutering your pet. You may find more information about their programs at their web site

House Rabbit Society headquarters has much to celebrate this year, as the day before World Spay Day they open their very own monthly spay/neuter clinic in conjunction with Fix Our Ferals. Community low-cost clinics like this are so in need. Some communities have a clinic, but they do not cater to rabbits but instead do cat or dog only (such as the one in my community). That's a shame! Because, as you know, if left to nature rabbits will breed... well, like rabbits! 

Why are bunnies so darn fertile? Mother nature has given them a few advantages in the breeding department. Female buns don't have an ovulation cycle like most female mammals do. Instead, it's the act of love that triggers their ovulation. Essentially, this almost guarantees their success at becoming pregnant.

A bun's gestation period is 28-31 days. Each litter averages about 6 little baby buns. Given how they ovulate, a mama bun can find herself pregnant almost immediately after giving birth. So doing the math... if you start with one single pair of rabbits and, barring any other pressures, just let nature take its course, you could have 1369 rabbits at the end of two years! Yikes! (I admit, I didn't do the match, as Dana Kremples had already done it so well!)

But even for your single solitary house rabbit, spay/neuter will help protect them against cancers of the reproductive system, which are common in animals as they age. The simple surgery can also have important effects on behavior... which think about it -- would you want to be single but driven by your biological urges for your whole life?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ever dream you're being chased by bunnies?

A friend in Dublin, Ireland shared a video with me of a woman, possibly in Japan, walking through a park and being pursued by a very large community of what appear to be domestic rabbits living in the wild. Wow! She's apparently got some goodies for them, and they are sure used to people coming with goodies! 

I'm sorry I don't have more information about the origin of this video, or the location where it is taken. Rabbits ARE very social creatures and in the wild live together in groups in a warren. Remember this when trying to bond two lovely little darlings which are having a hard time remembering their true social nature. :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy President's Day

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) as seen on
The Fix, a Washington Post blog.
It's refreshing to be able to report that here at Petwerks World Headquarters all are present and accounted for, in good health, and the weather isn't so bad, either. Whew! Work is progressing well, with backlogs vanquished and new fun things for spring in the works. 

And it's President's Day. While I anticipated having to open up a little can of Photoshop-kung-fu for a relevant image, here is an actual photo of an actual President, alas not with an actual rabbit, but a costume rabbit. 

But President's Day is not so much about modern presidents. Learn more about President's Day. 

How about a little quiz on the presidents -- trust me, you'll learn a thing or two! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New ad in Rabbits USA 2014 dubbed "Our best ever!"

Since 1996, Petwerks has been a successful small family business operating mainly on word of mouth on our good reputation. I'll admit it -- we're bad at marketing! We believe in making a quality product, carrying only the BEST items for your rabbit, and believing that others will notice that and reward such sustainable, ethical business practices. That's been the case for... (doing the math)... almost 18 years.

One of my goals this years is to be a little better at marketing. That, too, is guided by our goals of being sustainable, ethical and responsible. There's a lot of marketing out there that is just plain annoying! LOL. For years we have purchased ad space in Rabbits Annual magazine. (We have sold out of the 2013 issue; be on the lookout for the new 2014 issue to hit our website soon!) I design our ads, and through the years they've grown, changed, improved... just like every other element of our business.

Designing materials is one of my favorite tasks; the resulting tangible item is a joy to see. We received our preview issue of Rabbits Annual 2014, and Scot says our ad in this one is, "The best we've ever done!" That compliment made my day. It was also a relief; ad space in this nationwide publication comes with quite a price tag, so it better be good or I'm in trouble!

I won't bore you with almost 18 years of ads (but I'm thinking of doing a photo gallery as part of the new and improved "About Us" portion of the web site) but here's a walk down the past three years of ads. Aren't they neat!?
Here's 2012...
And 2013, which is my fav, really...
And here's 2014!
The goal for this ad was to be eye catching and focus more on the relationship between rabbits and their people -- because that is at the foundation of everything we do. THAT is what is important. Everything else is just details that supports that! :-)

Monday, February 10, 2014

We're back... mostly. :-)

After enjoying a beautiful weekend with a foot of snow, we're back in the shop and working hard. (While we are from the midwest and this doesn't phase us, this area is not used to this kind of snow, and it frankly shuts things down!) As quickly as the snow came, it's warming up to almost 50 degrees today, has been raining for the past day, and the snow is quickly on the retreat.

We are working hard to overcome the recent bouts of illness; Scot's been in the shop by himself now for almost two weeks as our shop employee has been out.

Here's a little clip from one of our security cameras showing us arriving this morning. We've got a little assistant with us today. ;-) He loves the bunnies, loves running up the stairs to the storage loft, and loves lying on the desk beside me as I work! But now, it's off into the shop to do some woodworking for us as we have lots of condos to deliver! We have a whole load of poplar that was delivered last week that we need to process into condo parts. It's going to be a long day!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Petwerks closed Friday due to winter weather!

Old Jack Frost has been blowing here in the Willamette Valley! Oregon is getting a little winter storm, and as a result everything has essentially ground to a halt. For everyone's safety, we're going to close tomorrow. (Our general rule is if the area schools are closed, so are we.) Schools were closed today in anticipation of this storm, but we were working hard at the shop until about mid-afternoon when Scot felt it best to come home for safety.

We're having a very nice winter season here, keeping busy. Some supply shortages and other events do have us running a bit behind on condo orders; orders may take approximately one week to ship. We appreciate your patience, and we know you will be pleased with your choice of housing for your rabbit, even with just a teensy bit of wait. You're buying the best, and you know it's worth it!

Scot and I will likely head back into the shop this weekend to do some catch up, and we'll keep you up to date!

Rare Snowstorm Hammers Western Oregon

Now, we hail from the midwest (Indiana), and Scot was born in upstate New York, where they really know snow. But it's a different game when the areas don't often see snow, and as a result aren't equipped to handle it. It's no joke that just a few inches of snow can shut this entire area down. Quite a different story in somewhere that can take a foot or two of snow and not even close a school. ;-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rabbit Haven Donates Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo to the Antioch Shelter

One reason we've been serving house rabbit people for over 17 years is how awesome they are. Read this story, posted on Facebook by The Rabbit Haven.

"The Antioch shelter is a high impact shelter with extremely limited funds for supplies. In July, two of their community volunteers from CCRR notified the Haven of the plight of Antioch rabbits at this shelter. Housing was a serious concern. They needed housing secured for 11 rabbits and they had only old wire bottom or very small plastic cages that would barely fit a rabbit. Small cages were often set up on the floor. In discussion with the volunteers and the shelter we found that housing was a major need to save rabbit lives.

Given our wonderful Haven membership, we were able to put together the funds to purchase a special 48" long custom built condo for the Antioch shelter rabbits! The Haven donated one three story Leith Petwerks condo to provide roomy space for three rabbits. Thank you to Leith Petwerks for helping with a discount, and to our generous donors that made this condo possible. The condo is dedicated to the memory of Milton, of "Jump" fame, beloved bunny son of Karen and Darrell Thomas. Milton passed away in July 2013. We hope to honor his memory with the donation of this condo set up that will serve three rabbits every day. Milton would be proud!"

Rest in peace, dear Milton. And thanks to all who made this wonderful gift possible! (Story and photograph from The Rabbit Haven.)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bunnies love to FLOP in our condos!

Sonn sent us a very sweet note about her new Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo! 

I received my triple 48" condo yesterday and I must say I have never been this happy with a cage before. I have three rabbits two of which are special needs. My bunny Banji is almost completely blind and has never been happy with his enclosures and he actually flopped in this cage! And my bunnies Dini and Enki are much much happier. With Dini who is completely deaf I no longer have to worry about one of my other pets scaring him when they are walking behind him. And Enki my little escape artist cannot escape while I am not home.  
It is also a lot bigger than I thought which is fantastic. And very very well made. This was money well spent.
Just wanted to let you know that I love the cage and my bunnies love their new home!

We truly know how incredible a compliment it is that a bun flopped in our condo. :) A flopping rabbit is a happy rabbit! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cook for your bun!

If you enjoy creating in the kitchen, check out this recipe for bunny treats found on Food.com.

Bunneh's Bunny Rabbit Treats 

(Photo from Food.com by Sandi in CA. I love that little nose and those chubby little lips!)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

People love the BunFun newsletter!

Response to the last issue of the BunFun newsletter, which included an article on the dangers of outdoor playtime for rabbits, has gotten a very positive response! It was a hard article to write, but Scot did a great job!

There's also a BunFun readers' only coupon for 25% off a wide selection of toys. Did you miss it? Well make sure it doesn't happen again! Get signed up to enjoy once or twice a month messages which contain funny bunny articles, pictures, information, etc. AND COUPON CODES for Petwerks. It's pretty much the only way we distribute them, so sign up now! It's easy!

Click here to be taken to the page where you can sign up for our news letter. 

We take privacy seriously, so your information stays with US. We never share, rent, give, etc. any information to any other entity. Never have, never will. And we've been at this since the mid 90's!

Monday, May 6, 2013

"Rabbit rescue is a group effort!"

Cathy Genna, a long time friend of Petwerks, won an award from the New Jersey Veterinarian Medical Association for her work in rabbit rescue. In telling us about it, she claimed, "It's an award for all of us who do rabbit rescue." She shared a clip which was shared at the award luncheon, and we wanted to share with you!

2013 NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame - Cathy Genna from NJVMA on Vimeo.

Animal lovers might enjoy some of the other winners; check out the 2013 award page for more!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Save a bunny's life: get a plant.

As Kermit The Frog said, “It ain’t easy being green.” Well, for a bunny, Easter isn’t any picnic either. Holidays are meant to help us remember and celebrate moments in our lives. The Easter holiday is to remind us of the spring, the rebirth of nature. Rabbits have become a symbol of Easter and of the fertility of nature. All in all, not a bad reputation for a bunny.

However, Easter is one day in the year. A pet bunny can easily live for ten years. So, while the Easter holiday may last but a moment, a single day, that bunny you want to give as a gift may very well need you for the next 3,462.5 days – or longer.

All too often what happens is that a bunny is given as a gift and the children, even the whole family are joyous about this sweet, cute and adorable little addition to the family for a few weeks. Then we’re off to summer and the bunny is forgotten. This once vibrant symbol of life is left in a cage and neglected, or worse, turned loose outside. Once outside, your bunny has a very slim chance of surviving even a few weeks. It is just cruel to subject a bunny to that; where is the love for this creature now?

You want to show the wonders of life? A pet as a gift is not the way to do it. If you do choose to get a living, breathing, creature, you need to commit to learning about them first, and committing to providing for them, not just for one day…but their entire lives.

If you are not SURE you can or are willing to commit to being a parent to a pet bunny for the next 3.462.5 days or more, then just DON’T DO IT!  Get a plant instead, because “While it ain’t easy being green,” it is a lot harder being a neglected pet!

Get a plant, save a bunny’s life!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adorable note cards now available in the Boutique.

Okay guys, I have a goal for 2013: CRAM the Boutique with adorable bunny items you just gotta have. We're off to a great start, thanks to this find by Scot: blank bunny note cards by Kristiana Pärn. A simple set of six small thank-you sized note cards suitable for mailing. Three cute and quirky designs (two each) of sweet bunny images: a bunny swinging, a bunny napping, and bunnies lounging in trees. A must for your desk, whether at home or at work, so you can dash off a quick note of thanks or well wishes when the need arises! Cards are blank inside so you can add whatever sentiment fits the bill!
Set of six bunny note cards (boxed). 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Some days just take you by surprise.

Some days just take you by surprise. And not long ago, Scot had one of those days.

Petwerks World Headquarters is located on a short street in the tiny town of Turner, just outside Salem, Oregon. Our quiet street has a few small businesses located in warehouses on one side, and houses on the other. The most action the street sees is when Scot goes next door to borrow the forklift the paving company graciously starting sharing with us when ours died.

We have a small dumpster out front. We go to great lengths to find ways to recycle anything and everything. When we were in Bloomington, Indiana, Mary at the Monroe County Indiana Solid Waste Management District Reuse Center was AMAZING at connecting the oddest of items with the most amazing of uses. The holes we cut in carpeting for the Bunny Abodes? She found a school that used those and other carpet scraps for children to use as alphabet boards as they learned to read. Plexiglass ends? Those were really hot for use in creating museum mounts! 

The backside...  
Alas, this area does not have something that amazing. We have found individuals to take wood offcuts for kindling, sawdust for mulch, etc. Locals have also helped themselves to the contents of our dumper, and this is both good in that items are finding a second life, but bad as some people aren't very thoughtful and will leave a big mess around our dumpster. 

We were thinking of pulling the dumpster inside each day. 

A few weeks ago, a gentleman that Scot has seen at the house across the street from time to time approached him as he was heading for his truck to leave for the day. The gentleman approaches him, and holds up a piece of scrap MDF we use in the Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo flooring. He is showing the back side, so Scot knows its our scrap. He said he wanted to give us something, and turns the scrap over. 

Michael's amazing painting.
What was once a piece of scrap wood was a beautiful and radiant painting of a path through the lush woods leading toward a shining light. The photos I've taken really do not do it justice. The colors glow wish such rich depth, you can almost smell fresh grass!

Scot was pretty dumbfounded, and expressed his amazement. The man was very mild mannered, somewhat shy, and said he just "dabbles" and wanted to show us what he had done with our scrap. His is a story of the times; with degrees in marketing and theology (and clearly a bundle of creative talent), he's found himself out of a job, now living with his ex-wife to make ends meet.

And "dabbling" in his spare time.

I'm no art critic, but this looks way beyond dabbling to me. Looking at the painting up close, the thousands of brushstrokes are just as beautiful as the piece taken as a whole.  They amaze me; each so perfect where it lies, and representing something that I couldn't even begin to piece together from paint and brush.

The painting now sits on Scot's bookshelf at Petwerks. It is headed for a proper framing and hanging. We'll treasure it forever! What a great reminder that the most amazing things can be made from humble beginnings!

I think we'll leave the dumpster right where it is, perhaps with just a little sign reminding people to please be thoughtful and clean up after themselves. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The buns at Special Bunny are winners!

Special Bunny Rescue
Special bunnies are... special!
Christina was our winner of the Halloween photo contest. While she won, the rabbit rescue of her choice won big as well! We sent one dozen of our very special Vacation Villas to Special Bunny,  a very special group helping rabbits with special needs in Washington. Congatulations to all, most of all the rabbits!

What does one dozen of these fun and functional bunny play structures look like? Scot had a little fun stacking and packing these into our little office...

TADA! One dozen Vacation Villas!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't forget, order before December 3rd and save 10%!

While our offices are closed for our visit with my parents, the wonders of the Internet are still working to take your order. As you will have to be patient as we will ship it upon our return, to say thanks we are giving you 10% off of any order over $100 (before shipping). Just enter the coupon code "THANKS" as you check out, and the discount will be added to your cart! It's that simple!

[Did you look closely at the image? Can you guess where we are? Follow-up in a comment with your guess! If there's a winner, I'll send them a little gift, so be sure to leave an email where I can get with you to confirm a shipping location. :) ]

Friday, November 23, 2012

Are you ready for your BLACK (BUNNY) FRIDAY deal?

The deals are ON right now!

Just order a 48" Double Level Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo OR a Bunny Playland - The Ultimate Play Center and use the coupon code BLACKBUN at checkout and receive 20% off of that item! Wowza, that's a great deal! It'll be gone, quick as a bunny, so you need to get on over to petwerks.com and get your order in!

Bonzai, my baby rex boy, is listening for your order now...

That coupon code is only available from 12:01 AM through 11:59 PM on Friday, Pacific Standard Time!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Petwerks Turns 17 Today! Celebrate With Us and SAVE!

We have a lot to be thankful for, as Petwerks turns 17 years old today, November 22, 2012.

It's hard to believe that 20 years ago, in 1992, we brought our first house rabbit, Dinkum, into our lives. He was a Dutch/Harlequin mix, quite handsome. He opened our eyes to what awesome creatures rabbits can be. He was spunky, outgoing, fearless, and a sweet lover of cuddles and treats. It was his need for a durable, reliable, and roomy home to call his own that lead us to design the Bunny Abode, and to start Petwerks. Petwerks officially started in 1995, but Scot had been making toys and play stands for parrots under the name of BirdWerks for a year or two. It all started in the corner of a friend's garage! (We had quite the menagerie back then in a two bedroom apartment, seriously: four lovebirds, a blue crown conure, a sun conure, an eclectus parrot, a hamster, a terrarium with tree frogs, two large fish tanks, a German Shepherd named Bijou and the ruler of the house, Dinkum.)

Petwerks has always remained a small, family run company making products in the USA, using materials produced in the USA whenever possible. I won't lie, that's presented its challenges throughout the years. But we feel its worth it. (We asked for a business consultant's input at one point, and his advice: buy the raw lumber, ship it to China in a container, have it milled and assembled there, and have the finished products shipped back to us in a container. Um... no. While that might have been "cheaper," it certainly isn't a good use of resources, creates a load more pollution, and would take the quality control, which is important to us, out of our hands and into those of the lowest bidder. Not acceptable.) We've had our ups and our downs, for sure. But our hard work is rewarded by a slew of dedicated long time customers, and a steady flow of new customers. While we had stronger days while back in Indiana at the old Gosport Opera House where we kept ourselves and two full time employees busy while, we've weathered the storm of the changes in our economy and found ways to do things more efficienty, which helps us keep costs down.

We've been helping bunny slaves for 17 years, and we plan to be around for many more! :-) We continue to have new ideas and can't wait to show them to you!

Petwerks is Scot Leith working full time in our manufacturing facility along with our full time employee Brian in Turner, Oregon. I'm Scot's wife, Amy, and I work part time on marketing, the web site, office tech needs, etc. (I work part time here because I work full time elsewhere.) These days it's just us, our own two buns Lizzie (Butterscotch Dutch) and Bonzai (mini Rex), our dogs Jackson (10 month old Corgi/Border Collie mix), Greta (8 year old all-white German Shepherd, inherited from Scot's mother when she passed away unexpectedly earlier this year) and Winston (14 year old Corgi/Spaniel mix), along with foster buns Indy and Andy.

We are celebrating by giving our customers two great opportunities to save:
  1. We will be on vacation visiting my parents from November 22nd through December 2nd. During that time, any order of $100 or more in product (not including shipping) will receive 10% off if you use the coupon code "THANKS" during your checkout.
  2. Forget "Black Friday" and get a great deal during BLACK BUN DAY on November 23rd! On that day ONLY, order a 48" Double Level Bunny Abode and save 20% by using the coupon code "BLACKBUN" during your checkout. 
Help us AND help your friends by sharing this info. Follow us on Twitter (and retweet the tweets about the sales), mention us in a Facebook post, link to our Facebook posts, etc. THANK YOU!